Inside Sales Tip: How to Increase Lead Generation through ‘Sniper Marketing’


Sales and marketing are becoming more interconnected every day. That being said, inside sales professionals could learn a few things from their marketing counterparts in terms of generating leads.

There is more to lead generation then you might think. As a marketer at XANT, my job revolves around coming up with offers and content that spark interest in people and create desire for our product. We have to find strategic ways to get our brand and message out there.

Of course, there are the more traditional methods of getting a message out there: pay-per-click ads, email blasts, and banner ads to name just a few. However, one of the more interesting ways to generate leads is something I like to call “Sniper Marketing” or “Sniper Leads.”

What exactly is Sniper Marketing and how do you utilize it?

Step One:

Start by ‘aiming the scope’ and determine who your target market is. Ask yourself, “What industries will be the best?”

Step Two:

Set-up your Google Alerts with terms that will pull in news around that target market. For example, some of my Google Alerts being tracked include: “sales reps” and “expanding sales”.

These alerts provide me with a good idea of companies that are growing their sales team or hiring sales reps. From these alerts, I now know specific companies that have an inside sales team that is expanding and what systems that company is currently using.

How to Use This Information

Knowing the company name and some of the details provided from the Google Alert gives me the power to try and hunt down the right person to contact in the company that might be interested in learning more about our solution.

Enter as much information on the lead as you can into your lead management software hosted CRM. This will help the sales rep’s chances of contacting the correct person. As a best practice, find a few different targeted people at the company for the sales rep to be able to reach out to.

This is a good way to self-source leads for your company whether you are in marketing or sales. From our experience, this has been extremely successful in generating quality leads.

Happy hunting.

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