Inside Sales Tips: How to Succeed in Inside Sales? Avoid the Blame Game


Avoid the Blame Game: Tips for Inside Sales SuccessThose of us who were crazy enough to make a career out of sales know two things:

1. When sales are high, life is good!

2. When sales are low, life is a struggle.

Every sales person knows this.  What’s the difference between those who are successful and those who aren’t? Excuses!

We’ve all worked with those people that have an excuse for everything that goes wrong on the job.  In fact, I’d venture to say we’ve all been guilty of it at some point.  However, I’m talking more about those who habitually and consistently place blame everywhere but on themselves.   You would be hard pressed to find a successful salesperson that allows themselves to stay long in this plane of existence.

Sadly, there are companies who subscribe to this philosophy of the “blame game.”  They are stagnant in their growth or unsuccessful … and it’s someone else’s fault.

On the flip side of the coin are those who consistently exceed the mark: salespeople who achieve quota or companies who meet or exceed projections.  They are creative, tenacious, persistent, and driven.  Failure is not an option and the only one responsible for their success is them.

I’ve found this to be the atmosphere and attitude at XANT.  In fact, one of the first things one learns when joining the team is, “if you come up with the idea, you own it.”  You become the point person to drive that idea to implementation.  This philosophy permeates every department.  In the sales department, we are responsible to make it happen.  If there are tools we need, we build the case to get them.  If I lose a sale, I must evaluate the reasons, make the changes and improve.  If I want to be successful, I can’t wait for the company to do it for me.  I have to make things happen.

Ken Krogue, president of XANT, told me that a major key to success is “drive credibility and exude confidence”.  You can’t exude confidence if you don’t take responsibility for your own success.

Whatever your role in your company is, it’s up to you to be successful.  If you haven’t been trained in an aspect of your job – go get the training.  If you haven’t received the tools you need – go get them.  If you don’t know what your role is – go find out.  And for those of us in sales, remember:

Good things come to those who sell, so sell! 

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