Inside Sales Virtual Summit Changes Face of Sales Conferences


Virtual Sales Summit Changes Face of Sales Conferences“Normal people don’t make history.” President and Founder of XANT, Ken Krogue, closed the largest virtual event ever with Lars Leckie‘s words.

Pulling Off a Game-Changing Event

People thought Krogue’s team was nuts for trying to pull off an event that would change the face of sales conferences in a mere three weeks, but they defied expectations and gathered 62 big-name sales experts and authors together on Thursday, June 20, to share their knowledge with thousands of attendees—online.

Wealth of Expert Knowledge in One Place

One of the keynote speakers, Guy Kawasaki, said getting that many speakers of that caliber together in one day is unheard of.  “I love this idea,” he said.

One attendee tweeted using the hashtag associated with the event, #salessummit, “I feel like a sales nerd, and I love it.  What an amazing day of info overload.”

Eliminating Travel from the Equation

In addition to the advantages of having a copious amount of expert knowledge easily accessible in one virtual environment, doing a summit virtually also eliminates the time, costs and hassles associated with traveling to a conference, and the view on a computer screen is better than what an attendee would often get in a crowded auditorium.

“This is a greener way,” Kawasaki said.

Post-Summit Internet Buzz

Since Thursday, the web has been buzzing with blogs, tweets and articles about the conference.

Josiane Feigon and The Sales Insider posted a compilation of interesting tweets about the conference, while posts by InsightSquared, SalesLoft, and NetLine Corporation have begun the momentous task of summing up the event. (With as much information as was presented, short articles like this one can only begin to scratch the surface.)

What’s to Come

The Sales Insider team at XANT is working with the presenters to put together ebooks, webinars and articles about each session.

Archived sessions from the summit can be accessed using a link sent out after registering for the summit.  So, it’s not too late.  Register here.


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