Jill Konrath & Salesforce Reveal Inside Sales Secrets in New Ebook


Inside Sales Strategies EbookSales acceleration strategist Jill Konrath interviewed six inside sales leaders whose teams are setting records for a new Salesforce ebook titled “7 Essential Strategies for Leading a Stellar Inside Sales Team.”

It reveals how these high-performing sales leaders think, how they organize their teams, the metrics they use to drive success, and how they motivate their reps.

This ebook gives you valuable insights from some of the brightest minds in the industry, including:

  • Liz Gelb-O’Connor
    VP, Inside Sales Strategy & Innovation, ADP
  • Russ Hearl
    Vice President, Mid-Market Sales, DoubleDutch
  • Ellen Matsell
    Vice President, Sales Operations, LogMeIn
  • Shep Maher
    Senior VP of Sales, GuideSpark
  • Mike Bohnett
    Director of Sales, Intuit Demandforce
  • Vaughn Aust
    EVP Integrated Solutions, MarketStar

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the topics this ebook covers:

Optimize for productivity

Many top-performing teams use a specialized sales model. Sales development reps, sometimes called business development or lead development reps, start the conversation and pass qualified prospects to account executives, or closers.

This model is effective because it enables your closers to spend more time selling.

Focus on metrics

Inside sales requires a data-driven approach. So, it’s no surprise that winning teams maintain a maniacal focus on key metrics.

At GuideSpark, for example, they know exactly which metrics lead to success.

Here’s what the math looks like for each rep:

  • 100 calls per day
  • 42 meetings scheduled each month
  • 35 meetings held
  • One-third turn into legitimate opportunities.

Because GuideSpark diligently tracks these metrics, they always know where they stand and what they need to do to achieve their goals.

Create a winning culture

To attract and retain talent in today’s competitive market, many inside sales teams are finding creative ways to keep the workplace fun and engaging.

Intuit Demandforce sponsors Waffle Wednesdays and delivers goodies (ice cream and tacos) at the end of the month.

Companies are focusing on servant leadership, showing their employees they care about their personal and professional progress.

Keep your team motivated

Inside sales leaders use comp plans, contests and spiffs to keep their reps motivated and focused on the right behaviors.

Winning teams also employ gamification technology to issue challenges and publicly display leaderboards.

Gamification makes sales visual, competitive and fun.

For more inside sales best practices, get the free ebook now.

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