Outside vs. Inside Sales: How to Best Improve Lead Management


How Inside Sales Improves Lead Management

The inside sales industry is increasingly gaining recognition for its efficiency in responding to leads and lead management. Last week, I was interviewed for the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) radio show (podcast) to share my vision of how inside sales fits in with the rest of the sales and lead response industry. If you weren’t able to listen to the live program, here’s a link to the recording and a breakdown of the main talking points from the show:

  • What is the difference between a predictive dialer and power dialing? The main difference is that power dialers are designed for sales professionals while predictive dialers are used primarily by telemarketers.
  • XANT has some upcoming inside sales industry research that will enhance the profession even further. In addition, we have also conducted many research projects in the past that have positively benefited the industry and its success. Check out our Lead Response Management Research for best practices.
  • There has been a huge shift within the industry lately away from the outside sales model toward the inside sales model. This progression is because of the strong cost efficiencies associated with inside sales.
  • The most important thing sales managers should pay attention to are numbers. If you make more calls, you will make more sales. Do everything faster!

An update to where I will be posting my latest findings, research and thoughts about our industry and techniques – Forbes.com. I recently accepted an invitation to become a regular Forbes.com contributor. Follow my new column and join in on the discussion and comments!

SLMA Radio is a weekly international radio show discussing best practices, tips and ideas on lead management and marketing. Broadcasting live, SLMA Radio is a 50 minute web-based show that began on July 29, 2010 and primarily discusses recent business events from the sales and lead management industry; the show has interviewed industry leaders from both B2B and B2C companies.

Listen to the recorded show here.

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