Predictive Dialers vs. Predictive Selling


Predictive Dialers vs. Slot MachinesDo you feel lucky, punk?

Those words were immortalized by Clint Eastwood in “Dirty Harry.” But that’s the same question you need to ask yourself if you’re still using an old-school predictive dialer for your sales calls.

Traditional hardware-based auto dialers are as likely to pay off for you as a slot machine on the moon. And they’re a lot less fun.

XANT enables modern sales teams to predict the best prospects to call, when to call them, and what to say. Its sales acceleration technology empowers salespeople to do things they could never dream of doing with an antiquated predictive dialer.

Let’s take a look at how cloud-based technology is transforming the sales process by using predictive intelligence to help you contact, qualify and close faster than ever before. It’s one thing to feel lucky; it’s quite another to stack the deck in your favor — and that’s what the right technology does.

Problems with predictive dialers

Predictive dialers don’t really predict much, other than how many lines they must dial simultaneously to get somebody to answer. Then, they hang up on the other lines.

Sad to say, sometimes they even hang up on people who answer. That’s called call abandonment. If a company’s abandonment rates are too high, it can face fines under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

When these demon dialers run amok, they annoy your customers and damage your brand. Plus, you need eight to 10 sales reps making calls at the same time.

Traditional predictive dialers are often used in B2C call centers staffed by telemarketers who blindly call as many unsuspecting people as possible, read them a scripted pitch, and make them say no seven times before they let them off the phone.

It’s a maddening experience for the telemarketers and their targets. It generates high employee turnover and public animosity. That’s why the government had to step in and impose strict regulations.

Fortunately, there is a better way.

The new predictive selling

The XANT sales acceleration platform outclasses classic 1.0 predictive dialer technology by employing a scientific approach to sales designed to generate revenue faster than ever before.

With the XANT PowerDialer Seek List feature, leads are dynamically pulled into the dialer using query-based criteria you set so you don’t waste time determining who to call. This cloud-based sales acceleration technology offers a more sophisticated way of calling leads and prospects.

The predictive analytics integrated into the PowerDialer can dynamically sort targeted contacts based on contactability every hour and probability to close for each of your reps.

And you don’t annoy your customers because your sales reps are in control of the call from start to finish, so they never hang up on live answers.

The power of prediction

Pinnacle Security, the second-largest door-to-door sales organization in the world, discovered that customers would buy its home security systems over the phone all year long. So, it built an inside sales team and equipped that team with a traditional predictive dialer.

XANT knew that it could help Pinnacle achieve even greater success with its advanced predictive selling capabilities.

Ken Krogue, XANT president and founder, made Pinnacle an interesting offer. He told them he could take two of their sales reps who were average performers and dramatically improve their performance in just one month.

“If we don’t blow you away with real results, I’ll eat my hat,” Krogue said.

XANT put two Pinnacle reps on the PowerDialer and loaded up some lists for them to call. Sales tripled in the first month. Pinnacle dropped its old hosted predictive dialer and embraced the new predictive selling power of the XANT PowerDialer.

See for yourself how PowerDialer can improve your sales performance.

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