Stackin’ Cheddar: A Surefire Sign of Company Growth


Lunch PizzaIf you want to gauge a furniture store’s success, just walk around the parking lot and count the cars. To measure the growth of an innovative SaaS company, keep an eye on its pizza boxes.

XANT earned the distinction as the nation’s fifth-fastest job creator in the software industry in 2013, according to Inc. magazine. The company saw its employee headcount skyrocket by 112 percent, with the addition of 268 new employees to its high-tech workforce.

This explosive growth really hits home during company lunches. At our latest employee meeting, a rowdy cheer erupted when it was announced that we had just consumed 80 pizzas and 60 salads.

Records are made to be broken, and XANT will certainly need to buy even more food for future meetings. CEO David Elkington laid out an exciting plan that shows how the company’s size will nearly double again in 2014.

As we move upmarket to service more enterprise clients and expand our product lines, we’ll be hiring plenty of developers, sales reps and other highly skilled workers to help us accomplish our mission of creating high-performance sales teams with breakthrough technology.

XANT uses a data-driven approach to sales, and it has served us well. So, please pardon our Leaning Towers of Pizza.

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