State of Sales: Why Enterprise Companies are Losing and How They Can Win


Enterprise companies are behind the times. Some of that is our fault, some of that is their fault. The good thing is they know it and they are actively working to change it. Listen to our latest Playmakers podcast to see what they are doing to adapt to the sales industry, which is constantly evolving.

State of Sales – How Companies are Winning Through Structure, Systems and People

The XANT Labs study – “State of Sales” looks at 1,200 companies from 28 countries and it reveals what are the winning formulas when it comes to structure, systems, and people. The study includes companies of all sizes from the United States and Europe, and it’s a great read for enterprise executives. You can get the executive summary here.

There’s a few trends that the study is highlighting, and they are pretty important to how the world of sales is evolving. Here’s the scoop:

  • There’s been a 89% jump in the time spent selling remotely for field sales reps (from 2014 to 2017)
  • Sales leaders believe that the ideal sales organization has a 50/50 split between inside sales and outside sales
  • Large companies are putting more effort into building their inside sales teams (they typically have only 28 percent inside sales professionals)

I looked at this data in the latest podcast, and tried to map the step-by-step process that enterprise companies should use to win and adapt to the current sales environment.

In This Podcast, You’ll Learn:

  • How companies build the structure of world class sales organizations
  • Why enterprise sales is lagging behind small and medium companies on technology spend, and how it’s impacting their numbers
  • The sales acceleration technologies that can help the enterprise get back in first place

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