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Is Google+ Worth Your Time? 0

The Sands of TimeDo you use Google+ much? It’s still relatively new, so it might not be your top priority. Perhaps you’re wondering why you should care or whether it’s worth your time to try to figure it out.

It depends. How committed are you to using the platform effectively?

If you only want to use Google+ as yet another outlet to publish your stuff, you’ll probably only see minimal benefits at best. On the other hand, if you’re willing to put in the time to build true authority and influence, it can be a bonanza to end all bonanzas.

Today, we share some practical tips to help you get more out of Google+. Focus on these three key elements: content, optimization and audience. – The Death of SEO (Part 2): Generating Real Content 0

The Death of SEO (Part 2)Following up on Ken’s highly successful article, “The Death of SEO: The Rise of Social, PR, and Real Content,” he has penned a new article – Part 2 actually – which is full of tips on how to generate real, quality content. When generating real content, there are a variety of different mediums that can be used, including: text, audio, video, pictures, and infographics. By using a variety of mediums, you can leverage a single core concept across a number of deliverables and expand the scope of your potential audience. To learn more, read the entire article.

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The Death of SEO (Part 2): Generating Real Content

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