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5 Must Read Articles For Inside Sales Professionals 0

Looking for sales articles worth reading? As the inside sales industry continues to progress and expand, keeping up on the latest best practices and techniques is highly essential if you want to get the most results from your effort. With that being said, here are the 5 best sales articles that supply the best practices and…

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HubSpot’s Secret Weapon for Massive Lead Generation 0

Marketing Success: Traditional marketing techniques are ineffective. Hubspot's secret weapon unlocks the future of lead generation and solves current marketing problems.

Traditional marketing techniques are quickly becoming ineffective and outdated.

People can place themselves on a do-not-call list. DVR has decreased the effectiveness of TV commercials. Email spam blockers are getting progressively better at keeping unsolicited email out.

While these tools are great for consumers who can now conduct their own online research on products and services, it has made the marketer’s job much more difficult.

How Inside Sales Reps Can Use PR to Help Drive Leads 0

Have you noticed something with remote sales? It’s becoming more social. As social media has taken a greater hold on our everyday routines, it makes sense that it has blended into the professional part of people’s lives too. For sales reps, knowing how to use social media for promotion and generating good content for leads is vital.

My job is in public relations, and part of that is to help promote XANT through social media and virtual events. A lot of what I do is applicable to sales reps, and I know some tricks that can help drive leads for them, too.  Here are 6 ways to generate leads and feed those tire kickers!

  1. Live tweeting webinars is a great way to give free, high quality content to your clients and leads. Live tweeting encourages engagement and shows that a bot isn’t running your twitter account, giving you more credibility. People who are following the live tweet session can then favorite or retweet your tweets, which inceases your reach! Who doesn’t want that? Using hashtags while you live tweet might attract new leads as well. Don’t let social opportunities like this pass you by! – The Case for Startups Not Taking Venture Capital Too Early 0

New on - The Case for Startups Not Taking Venture Capital Too EarlyIt’s almost unheard of that when Dave Elkington and Ken Krogue set off to create the leading company in the inside sales space that they would do it without taking venture capital early on in the process. But that’s just how we do it here at XANT. We’re scrappy and get things done with that we have. We always have–and we always will.

In Ken Krogue’s more recent article, Ken shares the story of how XANT came to be. “We outgrew our competition while growing organically,” Ken said in the article. “We forced ourselves to run the tightest ship in our entire industry. We learned to out-innovate our tech competitors, to be data-driven, to make hard decisions, and to stay hungry. Because we had to.”

In fact, when the rest of the country was experiencing recession, XANT hardly noticed. Why? Because they were in control of their company and they were profitable.

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The Top 5 Most Popular Sales Insider Articles for Inside Sales Professionals 0

With over 300 articles available on the Insider, we thought it could be helpful to highlight some of the most successful blogs we have published on various topics specific to the inside sales industry. These articles offer a variety of topics (i.e. best practices, industry highlights, sales tips, etc.) and drew the highest engagement of other articles.

Take a look at the most interactive, helpful articles for members of the inside sales industry and a brief summary of each:

1. The Most Important Interview Question Never Asked
by Dave Elkington

Our CEO, Dave Elkington, personally interviews every single job prospect before they are extended a job offer. With that said, Dave knows a thing or two about conducting an interview and what questions lead to the most telling answers. Looking into the question, “What is it that you are looking for in your next job,” Dave breaks down what each possible response means and if that candidate will be a good fit for your organization. – Views, Shares, Comments, and Follows: The New Currency of Digital Media 0

 The New Currency of Digital Media: Views, Shares, Comments, and FollowsThe days of writing a letter to the editor to have your voice heard have become a thing of the past. In today’s world of digital media, anyone can have a voice by viewing, sharing, commenting and following articles and content writers directly.

In Ken’s newest article, Ken talks about the importance of providing quality comments, shares and follows – specifically highlighting his experience since becoming a weekly contributor. So, what’s the point? Make sure that the comments and shares you provide are well thought out and clearly articulated. Otherwise, you won’t be taken seriously and your comment will likely become drowned amongst the many others just like yours.

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