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HootSuite, Buffer and TweetDeck: How Sales Reps can Use Social Media Automation 0

Social media is a powerful tool, but sometimes it’s a little overwhelming. Even the automation tools that are supposed to help often seem even more confusing than the social platforms they help automate.

If you’ve found yourself dabbling in the social-automation world, the most important rule to keep in mind is to not abuse and overuse the automation to totally replace real social interaction.

Remember, social media is about real social engagement. Otherwise, it isn’t effective. Social-automation should be used as a supportive tool to help you provide interesting content to social media users who have chosen to receive your content.

This blog is going to focus on helping sales reps understand how to use social media self-automation in a good way, rather than as bots.

There are many automation platforms. The most popular, to name a few, include HootSuite, Buffer, and Tweetdeck. The whole purpose of these tools is to help monitor social media posts, view analytics, schedule posts or pictures, and shorten URLs so they are easier to share. Additionally, you can use these tools to get targeted information out to clients, prospects, and leads. It’s also an ideal way to feed those tire kickers leads – leads that may need additional nurturing through education.

How Inside Sales Reps Can Use PR to Help Drive Leads 0

Have you noticed something with remote sales? It’s becoming more social. As social media has taken a greater hold on our everyday routines, it makes sense that it has blended into the professional part of people’s lives too. For sales reps, knowing how to use social media for promotion and generating good content for leads is vital.

My job is in public relations, and part of that is to help promote XANT through social media and virtual events. A lot of what I do is applicable to sales reps, and I know some tricks that can help drive leads for them, too.  Here are 6 ways to generate leads and feed those tire kickers!

  1. Live tweeting webinars is a great way to give free, high quality content to your clients and leads. Live tweeting encourages engagement and shows that a bot isn’t running your twitter account, giving you more credibility. People who are following the live tweet session can then favorite or retweet your tweets, which inceases your reach! Who doesn’t want that? Using hashtags while you live tweet might attract new leads as well. Don’t let social opportunities like this pass you by!

Inside Sales Employee Recruiting: Leveraging Facebook to Inform Prospective Candidates 0

Recruiting, more specifically finding the right people, is a struggle for many inside sales managers. Today, however, thanks to social networking sites, this task has become easier. By investing time in an active presence on such sites as Facebook , you can share photo albums, videos and links to company and  product information that helps job seekers get a good feel for company culture and focus.

For example, at, we are useing Facebook as a way to give applicants a sneak peek into company activities, the faces of our people, our products, and our industry. There is definitely a plethora of social media to choose from, but we decided to use Facebook as a primary recruiting site for a number of reasons:

Part 2: Building Influence, Leads, and Sales Through Social Media 0

Social media has exploded within the past five years – nearly every single person has a Facebook account, every company has a blog and Twitter account, and a large percentage of professionals have a LinkedIn. The trick as a salesperson is to be able to tap into this resource and use it to build influence, leads, and sales. In a previous blog entry, the first two steps of Ken Krogue’s 10 essential social media tips were introduced – below are three additional ideas for creating a strategic presence on social media.

The third essential in terms of social media is to find your audience keywords. Try using the Google Keyword Tool – it will tell you exactly how many people are searching on that keyword per month and if the competition for that keyword is low, medium, or high. The point is, go where the traffic is going. It’s too difficult to start your own traffic – that takes unnecessary money and time. Remember, work smarter not harder!

Build Influence, Leads, and Sales Using Social Media 0

SEO will be dead in two years. Ken Krogue, President and co-founder of XANT, recently predicted it in a recent blog post of his own. He’s not the only one, either. Other SEO experts have said the same thing. What can you do to ensure a high rank in Google? The key to building an organic ranking in a search engine is by creating an influential presence on social media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) with quality content that is relative to your target audience.

Of course you shouldn’t put your eggs all in one basket – that would be crazy. But social media is becoming more and more valuable in terms of building an organic ranking in Google. To prove my point, check out this blog post by Ken Krogue on the subject. Below are Ken’s first two tips – the rest will be on subsequent posts.