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How to Target the Right Accounts w/Matt Amundson @EverString 0

We all want to get more sales but that is hard to do if you’re not targeting the right accounts, in the right way, and the right time. Matt Amundson, VP of marketing and sales development at EverString knows a few things about account targeting and on this episode Matt dives into the need to…

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Implementing Consulting to Build and Improve an Inside Sales Team 0

A recent research study titled “The Top Problems of the Inside Sales Industry” highlighted the issues facing sales managers and their teams.  The biggest problems shared by sales managers revolve around finding the right leads and hiring, training, and retaining the right people.  The front line sales reps reported that their largest issues dealt with making contact with busy decision makers.

When companies contact my team for help, we are often asked the same questions:

  1. How do we get more good leads?
  2. How do we get good people?
  3. Will you do it for us?

CRM Adoption – Why Some Inside Sales Reps Don’t Fully Utilize a CRM 0

Why Won't my Sales Guys use the CRM?

Leads are fickle things.  Who of us hasn’t been on that call when things went south?

Why are leads so hard to convert to sales?  There have been many studies that talk about that, but I wanted to talk about the nitty-gritty reasons why we often don’t get the results we expect; CRM adoption.

The following articles talk about CRM adoption rates, and both point to a larger problem: Salespeople not fully adopting the CRM or not utilizing it in the way management has instructed.

Destination CRM: Don’t Confuse Implementation with Adoption

New eBook – 31 Inside Sales ‘Must Haves’ to Drive Leads, Appointments & Sales 0

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Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran of the inside sales industry, we all can use some tips to help drive sales. The first step to making sure you maximize all the success you can from your inside sales team is to follow a set of proven, best practices. To help start your team out on the right foot I’ve compiled a list of 31 ‘must haves,’ based on an AA-ISP webinar I gave, in an eBook that can be applied to improve the success of most any inside sales department.

Broken into general subcategories, the eBook covers tips that you can easily implement to produce maximum results. Some topics include: