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9 Sales Tools to Increase Productivity 0

When it comes to increasing sales productivity, the simplest answers are still the best. Productivity tools are a great way to work smarter.

In this article:

Productivity Tools

  1. CRM
  2. Dialer
  3. Template Emails
  4. Screen Sharing
  5. Automated Proposals and E-signatures
  6. Social Media
  7. Lead Generation
  8. Scheduling Meetings
  9. AI-Driven Sales Engagement


There are constantly new innovations to sales tools. Today it’s possible to check your CRM, manage relationships with your clients, and organize trip expenses entirely through mobile apps (to learn more about the latest and greatest, read Kelly Liyakasa’s “5 Emerging Sales Productivity Tools”).

However, despite these innovations, there are several sales tools that are still necessary for any company hoping to increase sales. The following tools are ones we consider the basics:

1. CRM

It may seem obvious, but having a CRM to organize your leads and information is crucial to your company’s success. There are several leading CRM companies out there, including Salesforce, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics.

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