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16 Songs To Get Your Sales Reps Pumped 0

We have a list of 16 great pumped up songs for your sales representative teams. There are well known sing-a-long classics, along with some to get you thinking. We even included a few to get those feet tapping. RELATED: How To Keep Your Sales Team Motivated During The Holidays   In this article: How Music…

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How To Create A Winning Culture 0

Learn how you can create a winning culture within your organization from Tom Whalen, Director of Inside Sales at McKesson. In this article: Introduction Who Is Tom Whalen? The Essentials to Create a Winning Culture The Value of Employee Surveys Building A Culture of Success: Lead By Example Collaborate With Team Members to Develop Culture Lead…

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What Separates Elite B2B Companies From the Great Pretenders 0

In business, your culture defines you. It determines whether you live or die. But here’s the crazy thing about culture: what works wonders in B2C (business-to-consumer) doesn’t necessarily translate into runaway success in B2B (business-to-business). At least not in the beginning. When you’re building a B2B company, you must create — and aggressively nurture —…

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How to Build a Social Selling Culture in 4 Simple Steps 0

Social Selling Expert Kurt Shaver

Kurt Shaver

When it comes to building a social selling culture, most companies fall into one of two camps: they either think it’s going to be way harder or way easier than it actually is. Because many sales leaders don’t fully understand this relatively new form of selling, they often dedicate inadequate time and resources to it or refuse to adopt it at all.

But here’s the rub: teams that use social selling techniques attain their quotas at a 31 percent higher rate, according to the Aberdeen Group.

Kurt Shaver, founder of The Sales Foundry, offered four specific steps you can take to create a social selling culture during his session at the Inside Sales Virtual Summit. View his presentation in the video below.

Tips for Sales Management: How to Create a Company Sales Culture Through Onboarding 0

How to Create a Sales Culture to Maximize RevenueThe success of a sales team depends on the culture in which they are immersed. Without an active sales culture, you are asking for mediocrity from your sales reps which brings mediocre performance and numbers.

One way to begin to define a culture that excels and drives revenue is to set the specific expectations of sales reps and help them succeed. This begins with the onboarding process.

At XANT, every new employee goes through a two-week onboarding course. During this two-week “sales boot-camp,” the participants become certified on XANT products.