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4 Inside Sales Association Resources You Can’t Live Without 0

Inside Sales Association Founder Bob Perkins

American Association of Inside Sales Professionals Founder Bob Perkins is happy to see industry growth.

Where do you go to find answers to your most pressing inside sales questions?

A mountain of information is available online. Time is such a precious commodity, though. Sometimes you just need a go-to source, somebody you can trust to hit you with the good stuff.

The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) provides a powerful online resource that’s jam-packed with actionable advice from industry experts. In addition to facilitating learning and networking through its popular AA-ISP Leadership Summit, the association is building a first-class knowledge center.

Let’s take a look at four inside sales association resources that you might not know about, but are well worth your time.

The Top 5 Most Popular Sales Insider Articles for Inside Sales Professionals 0

With over 300 articles available on the Insider, we thought it could be helpful to highlight some of the most successful blogs we have published on various topics specific to the inside sales industry. These articles offer a variety of topics (i.e. best practices, industry highlights, sales tips, etc.) and drew the highest engagement of other articles.

Take a look at the most interactive, helpful articles for members of the inside sales industry and a brief summary of each:

1. The Most Important Interview Question Never Asked
by Dave Elkington

Our CEO, Dave Elkington, personally interviews every single job prospect before they are extended a job offer. With that said, Dave knows a thing or two about conducting an interview and what questions lead to the most telling answers. Looking into the question, “What is it that you are looking for in your next job,” Dave breaks down what each possible response means and if that candidate will be a good fit for your organization.