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How to train new Salespeople when you’re not in the office 0

Working remote has been an interesting change for me as an inside sales leader who, for the last decade, has been running insides sales teams that sell digitally to now selling with a 100% remote sales team. I have to admit, I miss the personal interaction of being in the office with my co-workers and…

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8 Techniques to Effectively Train Your Sales Team 0

If three is a crowd, then twenty is an all-out event.  In the beginning stages of structuring a sales team, a new hire will get the chance to work alongside a seasoned rep and soak in the sale process, as well as how to best prospect leads. But when your sales team grows from a…

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How to Prevent Sales Training Decay 0

When I worked for FranklinQuest, I learned about the power of sales training. We offered a seminar called Language of Selling. So, just to see what would happen, we put our sales reps through a full-day seminar of Language of Selling — and sales went up 20%. Their language on the phone was crisp, and…

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Executive Speed Camp Fuels Sales Success 0

XANT customers know how to sell. They make up the best sales teams in the world and operate like high-performance machines. But even high-performing machines can improve. From July 22 to July 24, XANT hosted 13 executives from seven companies for the first Executive Speed Camp. Those in attendance included: Apttus Blue Coat Coupa MarketStar…

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XANT Experiencing Unprecedented Growth Despite Slow Recovery of U.S. Job Market 0

The United States job market “seems to be stuck in second gear,” the Wall Street Journal recently reported. Recovery has been long and slow, leaving many Americans without work, or at least without decent paying work.

While the numbers do seem to be getting better, the Wall Street Journal reports they’re not as promising as one might be led to believe. According to the Labor Department, employers added 169,000 jobs in August and 79,000 in June and July combined. However, most of the jobs being added are in low-paying sectors like retail and restaurants, according to the Wall Street Journal’s article.

5 Costly Holes in Your Onboarding Process 0

Trish Bertuzzi, president and chief strategist of The Bridge Group, recently presented at the Inside Sales Virtual Summit.

During her session, Trish shared valuable insight into the onboarding process, a critical time in a salesperson’s career, but the least understood. Trish maintains that while sales and marketing leaders are making a first-class investment in their hiring process, they are completely undermining it with a second-rate onboarding process.

Trish identified five “gaps” in the standard onboarding process, and gave advice on how to make the process more effective.

The 5 “Gaps”