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The Secret to Data and List Services w/Jake Shaffren @DiscoverOrg 0

In the old days we’d just buy a list, call top to bottom and call it good. That doesn’t work anymore and you know it. Jake Shaffren is the Director of Sales Development at DiscoverOrg, and he’s a master about thinking through how reps can find, identify, and quality their leads and target contacts. It’s…

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Inside Sales Training: How Do You Define a Lead? 0

How do you define a lead? From a marketing perspective, I would define a lead as someone who is interested in a product and submits their contact information to receive additional information or a sales call.

Thomas Oldroyd, Senior Director of Marketing at XANT, took this a step further and defined a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) as, “Someone who is interested in our product that has a need to be filled and has the ability to buy within a six month period,” he said. “Without the immediate need or ability they’re just a prospect.”

In the November 5, 2012 issue of BtoB Magazine, original BtoB Magazine research was published that surveyed marketers to determine the general consensus of how industry professionals define what a lead is. The results were quite interesting.

How Inside Sales Reps Can Use PR to Help Drive Leads 0

Have you noticed something with remote sales? It’s becoming more social. As social media has taken a greater hold on our everyday routines, it makes sense that it has blended into the professional part of people’s lives too. For sales reps, knowing how to use social media for promotion and generating good content for leads is vital.

My job is in public relations, and part of that is to help promote XANT through social media and virtual events. A lot of what I do is applicable to sales reps, and I know some tricks that can help drive leads for them, too.  Here are 6 ways to generate leads and feed those tire kickers!

  1. Live tweeting webinars is a great way to give free, high quality content to your clients and leads. Live tweeting encourages engagement and shows that a bot isn’t running your twitter account, giving you more credibility. People who are following the live tweet session can then favorite or retweet your tweets, which inceases your reach! Who doesn’t want that? Using hashtags while you live tweet might attract new leads as well. Don’t let social opportunities like this pass you by!

6 Key Questions to Identify if Inside Sales is the Best Model for You 0

Because of our position within the industry, we naturally see hundreds of both successful and unsuccessful inside sales organizations.  As a result, I regularly receive requests to talk with and consult both new and existing companies on how to structure a new inside sales organization.  However, this is not the correct first question.  Instead, you should first ask: “Is inside sales the best sales model for my company?”  Inside sales does not work for every industry, nor for every product.   I have found 6 key questions that help identify if inside sales is right for you.

  1. What product or service do you sell?
  2. How much is a typical deal amount (TCV – total contract value)?
  3. What is your sale cycle (in days/months)?

The Forgotten Road to Inside Sales Success — List/Leads 0

Lists gathered or leads generated are the lifeblood of a sales team. Carrying on with the C.L.O.S.E.R. model series from a previous post, this next step in the sales process model actually has the most leverage in terms of lead generation. When setting a strategy for a sales initiative, lists and leads are the core of any sales operations. However, to get the most bang for your buck, it’s important to strategically gather the lists in order to increase your success ratios.

It’s often said that the best lists are the hardest to find. That’s true. In order to ensure that you are contacting the best possible people or companies – it’s important that you prequalify you lists and leads, find the best sources for your leads and test your lists and leads often.