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Why You Need Data Driven Hiring…NOW! 0

In this podcast, I talk to sales recruitment expert Dr. Christopher Croner about how to bring the best team members onboard and boost team productivity by adopting a more effective hiring process backed up by science, data, and proven techniques. In this article: The Importance of Adopting a Data-Driven Hiring Process About My Guest —…

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How an AI System of Growth Solves the Biggest Challenge in Sales 0

There are a lot of challenges in sales but there is one that trumps them all. That challenge is building enough quality pipeline. The problem is leaders know it but they don’t know how to solve it. They often think it’s a people challenge so they hire more people but the numbers don’t improve. This…

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Sales Tip: Preparing New Development Reps for the Inside Sales Floor 0

XANT CertificationHiring a new development rep and preparing them to work on your sales floor can be a daunting task – it takes valuable time away from your sales manager and your current development reps.

The first step in alleviating time from your sales manager and existing development reps is to implement good hiring practices. It wastes time and money to hire an employee only to see them leave a few weeks later. At XANT we have a fairly strenuous hiring process. We require all new development reps to be prescreened by our HR team. This includes a resume screening, phone interview, and in person interview.

The Why For Becoming Certified 0

ELF, ACD, STA— these acronyms have been among many “foreign” words I’ve heard floating around the office since recently starting my new job here at XANT. To be completely honest, I’m not extremely technology or software savvy. Yes, I can work a computer well, and yes, I have grown up in an Internet oriented world. But, when it comes to products such as a power dialer and lead management software, I am not an expert.

Luckily, XANT has a solution that has helped not only my ignorance, but will likely influence my future performance as well in my specific job position.

Onboarding is an intensive two week training that XANT offers its new employees. This training begins with an overview and history of the company, along with an office tour and paperwork completion. And then it all begins; this training course contains modules of information concerning the company and the various products it provides. It’s fast and it’s a lot of information. Quizzes and exams are required in order to certify.

Onboarding vs. On the Job Training 0

When it comes to hiring new reps, companies can approach the training process in two different ways: throwing the reps to the wolves or creating a learning environment through an onboarding experience. Sure there is an initial investment with onboarding, but the return on investment on prepared sales reps far exceeds the initial cost.

Before coming to work at XANT, I worked at a company where new hires were treated completely differently. Immediately I was put to work without any training whatsoever. I was nervous, afraid of making mistakes, and stressed about what I was allowed to do and what, exactly, I had to do. I was not even entirely sure what the company did for their clients (never a good thing for a new sales rep!) I remember I made mistakes constantly, and although I tried to laugh it off, I cringed as the errors piled up as my nerves got the best of me. Overall, it took probably three months before I felt confident in performing my job responsibilities.

Looking for a first job? Thinking about changing jobs? Check out XANT. Here’s Why… 0

Last month there were 6 new hires. This month, I was one of 18 in the training class.  Next month that number is likely to be even higher, so HR tells us. What the heck is going on here? They are hiring like crazy.

After spending about two weeks in the most amazing, confidence-building, on-boarding experience I’ve ever had – and I’ve worked at a number of technology companies both in Utah and the Bay Area –  I can say from experience: This IS the place.

XANT is the place to be if you want to be a part of the next new thing. The company develops and delivers a sales automation, cloud-based platform to support the new, rapidly growing numbers of inside sales professionals, a trend quickly displacing the traditional outside sales force model.