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5 Common Inside Sales Mistakes to Ensure Missed Quota 0

While rewarding, sales reps are often put into high pressure situations to meet quota. However, if given the right training, the constant pressure that a sales rep feels can be dramatically lessened.

From a recent discussion our marketing and sales teams participated in, the following ideas (among many others) were brought up in how to be a better sales rep. Of the ideas presented, it seems that these have the most effect on the success of sales and meeting sales quota.

5 Common Mistakes to Ensure Missed Quota:

Mistake #1: Assuming your lead, or prospect, knows who you are and what you do

This is a fairly easy mistake to fall into. For example, at XANT we pride ourselves on our ability to respond immediately to web-generated leads – usually within 15 seconds. However, not every person that submits a lead on our website knows that.

Over-management of Reps Doesn’t Improve Quota 0

Real quick: Found an interesting research analysis by CSO Insight’s Barry Trailer that showed that sales rep quota attainment actually goes up when the ratio of reps to managers goes up. In other words, sometimes we need to avoid the temptation to “over manage” and “over analyze” our sales people and simply let them do…

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