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How to Pitch Yourself at a Trade Show | The G Show Ep. 13 0

I feel like this year’s Dreamforce sales conference, I learned how NOT to pitch. I asked many people going to Dreamforce what they do, who they are, and I got treated with long speeches and life stories. I had people talking about “me, me, me…” – that’s what I like to call a “Me Monster”.…

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At XANT, we are proven pros at going to trade shows and generating leads. I often get asked what our secret is and I want to share a few of them with you.

In fact, I’m on my way to Chicago today with my team from XANT for the AA-ISP Leadership Summit. We used these “commandments” to prepare for and make the most of the show. Enjoy.

1. Never go to an event that you can’t generate more leads than you will need to pay for it, and do it before you get there.
2. Look sharp, be sharp and be kind.
3. Trade leads with as many other vendors as you can at the show.
4. Never go to a show you can’t speak at.
5. When you speak, don’t pitch your products. Try to grow your industry instead.
6. Always have your own event(s) going on simultaneously.