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How to Build a High Velocity Sales Team: Campaign Design and Evaluation (Part 3) 0

Part 3: Building a High Velocity Sales Team with Design and Evaluation (Part 3)[This article is part of a multi-blog series on how to build a high velocity sales team. View Part 1 and Part 2 here. To the view the original 5-part webinar training series on how to build a high velocity sales team, conducted by Ken Krogue, click here.]

Traditionally, campaigns have been used as tools for marketing. That doesn’t mean, however, that sales can’t learn a few things from their marketing counterparts. The future success of sales and marketing is Smarketing: a sales and marketing convergence.  Truth is, sales professionals are using marketing tools a lot more often than most might think, and they are using them effectively!

When designing a new sales campaign, you first need to define the elements of the campaign. What will the campaign be called? How long will it run for? What is the strategy behind it? What will the campaign be evaluated against?

The Forgotten Road to Inside Sales Success — List/Leads 0

Lists gathered or leads generated are the lifeblood of a sales team. Carrying on with the C.L.O.S.E.R. model series from a previous post, this next step in the sales process model actually has the most leverage in terms of lead generation. When setting a strategy for a sales initiative, lists and leads are the core of any sales operations. However, to get the most bang for your buck, it’s important to strategically gather the lists in order to increase your success ratios.

It’s often said that the best lists are the hardest to find. That’s true. In order to ensure that you are contacting the best possible people or companies – it’s important that you prequalify you lists and leads, find the best sources for your leads and test your lists and leads often.

The Forgotten Road to Inside Sales Success — Campaigns 0

Types of CampaignsThe most forgotten part of inside sales is the practice of sales operations. In order to help professionals within inside sales, I wanted to expound upon a previous post on the C.L.O.S.E.R. model and delve deeper into how it can help any sales department refocus their operations in building a successful inside sales team. I’ll start by sharing the first step of the C.L.O.S.E.R. model — Campaign.

The word campaign is usually associated with the marketing department – it’s designed to be. What’s interesting is Inside sales is actually the top method for lead generation. We recommend that your sales people are trained with marketing tools to help them be more effective by building a strong strategy around a particular campaign. The types of campaigns for sales teams are as follows:

17 Most Effective Lead Generation Methods 0

I still receive requests to share again the 17 most effective lead generation methods that I gave in November of 2008 at a breakfast seminar at Novell from research first published in the 2008 Lead Generation issue BtoBOnline Magazine.  I will share the 17 methods ranked first by effectiveness, then by popularity, then by the…

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