The Sales Revolution: Selling More Via Personalized Sales Engagement


Elkington Acclerate 16XANT CEO Dave Elkington kicked off Accelerate 16 by thanking the sales leaders in attendance for participating in the new Sales Revolution.

Elkington reminded the audience that inside sales is a scientific approach to sales based on testing and measurement that leads to continuous improvement. He noted that XANT is focused on using data and science to help the world’s sales organizations sell more.

He referenced recent company research, the Business Growth Index, which revealed that sales leaders remain bullish despite significant challenges.

“The data shows that you’re facing a lot more competition in every deal you’re chasing,” Elkington said. “It’s not a little more competition; it’s a lot more, particularly on the lower end and in the small-business segment.”

As a result, many sales organizations are rapidly moving upmarket.

When you move upmarket into the enterprise space, selling must become more personalized, Elkington said. This requires a more strategic, targeted approach – and XANT is developing technologies to facilitate this approach.

More targeted outreach

Elkington invited Jared Haleck, vice president of product at XANT, to join him on stage to discuss innovative technologies designed to address these new sales challenges.

Haleck pointed out that sales reps need to be everywhere across the web while sourcing leads and building pipeline. He provided a quick demo of a new product called Playbooks that helps reps sell more through personalized engagement.

Playbooks enables reps to find the right accounts, target the right people in those accounts, and nurture them into opportunities. Then, it guides them through what they need to do today – with real-time prompts — to keep their outreach optimized and personalized.

For example, Playbooks uses insights from the Neuralytics self-learning engine to identify the prospects most likely to be contacted and qualified right now.

Haleck demonstrated how Playbooks fits seamlessly into a sales rep’s workflow as that rep conducts routine tasks, such as:

  • Finding new contacts in a target account
  • Researching prospects on LinkedIn
  • Crafting personalized emails and voicemails
  • Following effective communication cadences

Haleck also introduced Project Superhero, which is a code name for a product designed specifically to help sales development reps to personalize their outreach.

Playbooks InsideSales

XANT Playbooks is slated for availability in fall 2016, and Project Superhero is currently scheduled for availability in winter 2017.

If you’re interested in learning more about Playbooks or Project Superhero, email Leo Dirr at

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