The Why For Becoming Certified


ELF, ACD, STA— these acronyms have been among many “foreign” words I’ve heard floating around the office since recently starting my new job here at XANT. To be completely honest, I’m not extremely technology or software savvy. Yes, I can work a computer well, and yes, I have grown up in an Internet oriented world. But, when it comes to products such as a power dialer and lead management software, I am not an expert.

Luckily, XANT has a solution that has helped not only my ignorance, but will likely influence my future performance as well in my specific job position.

Onboarding is an intensive two week training that XANT offers its new employees. This training begins with an overview and history of the company, along with an office tour and paperwork completion. And then it all begins; this training course contains modules of information concerning the company and the various products it provides. It’s fast and it’s a lot of information. Quizzes and exams are required in order to certify.

At first, I was extremely intimidated; give me something to edit or write and I’m just fine. But, give me a software database to deal with and my confidence shoots down-hill quickly.

Those two weeks were a couple of the hardest, yet one of the most learning intensive periods of my life.

As an administrative assistant, my job duties involve various projects dealing with organizing schedules, planning, writing, and managing various social media outlets, all of which I love. Thus, the “why” of needing to learn the ins and outs of XANT’s products was at the forefront of my mind.

The question why is fundamental to all we do in life. When we know the why, we can then better understand the how, what, and the when. Onboarding helped me to formulate the why for the XANT and ultimately the why for my job.

Now I know more of why certain things take priority and why I need to do this or that. When the why question is solved, confidence can then emerge and influence the way a job is performed. With confidence comes increased motivation and efficiency—two things that help lead to success.

So should certification be required for all employees, no matter their job description? Absolutely. It will benefit the employee, his or her job performance, and ultimately the entire productivity and success of the company.

And as for my ignorance, Onboarding helped to ease my panic when hearing acronyms that previously sounded foreign—now I at least know what they stand for and something about what they all mean. Now I’m more “in the know.”

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