Webinar: Running the Perfect Pipeline Review Call


Pipeline review calls can be unpleasant for both sales managers and sales representatives– if you don’t have the right technology for them. Sales leaders often spend an inordinate amount of time just collecting data for these calls, which is aggregated into a simple spreadsheet. But the data they DO get is most of the time tainted by bad sales rep behaviors.

Why Pipeline Review Calls Are Painful

Sales reps will sometimes over-estimate or under-estimate their deal sizes, sandbag opportunities or stuff just any questionable deal into the pipeline just to get managers off their back. All this leads to inflated pipelines and inaccurate forecasting.

This means manager can’t always have confidence in their ability to predict growth or revenue.

This makes pipeline review calls a pain, and unfortunately there’s no manual on how to do pipeline management.

The XANT team has been working on a blueprint on how sales leaders can run a pipeline review call without dealing with most of the problems of traditional sales forecasting.

Learn the Secrets of Running a Perfect Pipeline Review Call

Aaron Janmohamed, head of product marketing for XANT, and Scott Smith, principal product manager,  will explain how you can avoid most of the headaches of pipeline review calls. Join the webinar from XANT to learn:

  • How predictive sales software can help increase forecasting accuracy by 30%
  • What sales managers really need to make their pipeline review calls more efficient
  • The 5 secrets of forecasting a sales leader must know

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