XANT CEO Dave Elkington Announces Exciting New Innovations in Sales Acceleration Technology


XANT CEO Dave Elkington shared his vision for the future of sales, including exciting innovations in sales acceleration technology, in his keynote address to more than 300 customers and industry leaders on Wednesday morning at IS Accelerate 2014.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of his presentation.

A different approach: Elkington started by telling the crowd of sales professionals that he’s basically a mad scientist at heart. The man loves data almost as much as he loves life itself. He believes that science holds the key to unlocking human potential and improving the performance of sales teams. That’s the basis for all XANT products and services.

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Mountains of data: As XANT customers use PowerDialer and other products, their activities create a wealth of sales intelligence. The XANT database contains more than 100 million unique North American profiles and close to 8 billion sales interactions.

Science of sales: Neuralytics is a real-time learning system that is crowdsourcing data from many of the world’s largest sales organizations. Its predictive scoring algorithms tell sales reps who to call, when to call, and what to say for the best chances of success.

What types of data are being analyzed? XANT is analyzing five main types of data: histographic, firmographic, geographic, pyschographic and demographic. So, looking at geographic data for example, it can tell you if it’s raining in a certain city, your prospects are more likely to answer the phone. Or if the Phoenix Suns won last night, people in Phoenix are euphoric and are more likely to buy.

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Exciting innovations: Elkington announced two new innovations to help sales teams make better predictions and use their time more efficiently.

NeuralSort tells you how likely you are to contact a particular lead or prospect right now.

NeuralScore tells you how likely you are to qualify and close a particular prospect.

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XANT CEO Dave Elkington

Killer email tools for salespeople: XANT recently acquired iHance, Inc., a software company that provides powerful email tracking and synching technologies to enable sales teams to close transactions more quickly.

Data-driven hiring: XANT launched Sales Indicator to make hiring more scientific and precise. Sales Indicator empowers sales leaders and HR teams with the predictive intelligence they need to find, hire and coach top talent.

The power of motivation: Ashley Mattis, manager of internal tools and processes at Groupon, briefly took the stage to report on the success that Groupon has achieved with the XANT gamification product, PowerStandings. She said Groupon experienced a 50 percent lift in activity among its young, competitive sales team.

Elkington also made a number of other big announcements at IS Accelerate – so many, in fact, that we can’t fit them all here.

To see for yourself how XANT accelerates sales through science, watch the brief video below.

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