XANT CEO Dave Elkington Reveals the Power of Prescriptive Analytics

Dave Elkington

Dave Elkington

XANT CEO Dave Elkington delivered a powerful revelation about the future of data-driven sales during his presentation at Dreamforce on Monday.

While predictive analytics enables sales teams to make sense of insane amounts of data, this emerging technology, by itself, is simply not enough. In addition to predicting buyer behaviors, sales teams must also be able to influence buyers to change.

For example, it’s interesting to know that a particular prospect is more likely to buy than the other names in your database. But it’s even more valuable to know exactly how and when you can successfully contact your best prospects — and which messages will resonate with them.

This requires a new generation of sophisticated technology that can not only predict the future by analyzing the past, but can also prescribe the actions to take to achieve success.

The XANT sales acceleration platform provides a unique blend of prediction and prescription through its high-powered machine-learning engine, called Neuralytics. This advanced technology goes well beyond simple lead scoring by prioritizing sales activities and prescribing the best way to communicate with your prospects (phone, email, text messages), what day and time to reach out, and even what to say.

Neuralytics has already amassed a database of more than 10 billion sales interactions – and counting. This unprecedented collection of sales data fuels the computations that allow XANT products to predict outcomes and prescribe effective selling tactics.

You can learn more about XANT’s scientific approach to sales by attending one of Dave Elkington’s remaining Dreamforce presentations, listed below:

The Science of Selling, Tuesday, Oct. 14, at 11:30 a.m., Century Theater 3

Neuralytics: The Future of Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics, Wednesday, Oct. 15, at noon, Partner Theater West

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