XANT Donates Technology to Accelerate Boy Scouts Fundraising


Maple Dell Scout CampThe XANT Do Good Foundation is helping the Boy Scouts of America accelerate its fundraising efforts by donating industry-leading sales acceleration technology.

XANT has been a longtime supporter of the Boy Scouts.

A number of employees have volunteered for the organization, including Ken Krogue, co-founder of XANT, who sits on the board of the Utah National Parks Council.

Sales acceleration technology helps nonprofits

In the past, the Do Good Foundation has donated revenue and employee time to renovate the Maple Dell Scout Camp and support the Annual Scouting Golf Invitational.

Through the foundation, XANT is providing the council with licenses for its lead management platform and JabberDog, an automated voice message broadcasting system.

XANT also reached out to Salesforce, which will give the Boy Scouts 10 licenses of its CRM (customer relationship management) technology.

In addition to product donations, XANT will have its implementation reps train council members on how to best use the software for optimal results.

With the assistance of XANT technology, the council will be able to run more effective fundraising campaigns, which are vital to the success of the program.

“XANT is known for being a leader in sales acceleration technology,” said Tema Hunkin Laussen, executive director of the Do Good Foundation. “That being said, our technology not only empowers companies wishing to increase their sales, but nonprofits working for social good.”

Scouting in Utah

The Boy Scouts of America is one of the largest youth organizations in the United States. Founded in 1910, it now consists of almost 1 million adult volunteers who serve more than 2.4 million youth members.

Utah lays claim to one of the longest scouting legacies in the United States.

The Utah National Parks Council is the largest of 273 local councils and oversees youth living south of Salt Lake County and some areas of Nevada and Arizona.

Take the pledge

XANT’s Do Good Foundation is committed to helping the disadvantaged, children and women in need, and the intellectually and emotionally challenged through its 1-1-1 model.

This integrated philanthropic approach leverages 1 percent of product, employees’ time and company revenue to impact lives for good.

XANT and the Do Good Foundation strongly encourage other organizations to Pledge 1% and take part in worthy initiatives that benefit the communities where they operate.

Visit the Do Good Foundation page to learn more about XANT’s philanthropic initiatives and be sure to check out the Utah Boy Scouts blog to learn how scouting is benefiting communities across Utah.

Do Good

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