XANT Unveils Neuralytics™ Predictive Analytics Technology


Neural ScoreSILICON SLOPES, Utah – November 19, 2013 – XANT has developed a system of statistical models and algorithms to decode the sales process. Neural networks work like a brain, learning and adapting over time. “Neuralytics is a genuine scientific breakthrough, applying predictive algorithms, computational linguistics, and environmental analysis to remove the mystery behind the selling process,” XANT VP of Research and Development Rob Christiansen said. Neuralytics analyzes response times, lead sources, list demographics, personality types, offer types, message media and a host of other data points to optimize results. “The movie Moneyball depicts how data transformed baseball,” XANT CEO and founder Dave Elkington said. “We are transforming the world of sales by statistically analyzing data.” Three new Neuralytics features that have been applied to the PowerDialer and PowerStandings include: • NeuralScore™: Scores leads based on how likely they are to close, using dozens of unique inputs derived from interaction history, lead attributes and other external signals. • NeuralSort™: Enables sales reps to work the most contactable leads first, with hourly updates compared to the quarterly updates of competitors. • NeuralNotify: Adaptive gamification uses sales motivation index to measure individual triggers and create targeted motivational messaging and metrics. “The introduction of NeuralSort and NeuralScore marks a revolutionary step forward in solving one of the most pervasive problems that professional salespeople face: Nobody answers my calls. The traditional approach to this problem is brute force — simply dial more people. On the other hand, our state-of-the-art Neuralytics platform predicts which leads are most likely to pick up their phone and the best media to use, which isn’t always a phone call; sometimes it’s an email, text or fax,” XANT Senior Product Manager Jared Haleck said. “NeuralNotify makes PowerStandings the first gamification product to adapt messaging to provide a unique experience for each user based on what best motivates them.” See how XANT accelerates sales through science in this video:

About XANT, Inc.

XANT cutting-edge technology accelerates sales through science. The global leader in cloud-based sales acceleration for sales professionals provides the industry’s only comprehensive sales acceleration platform, which includes communications, gamification, predictive analytics and data visualization. The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) recognized XANT as the SaaS provider of the year for 2013. The company has been listed among the fastest growing companies by Inc. and Deloitte and as one of the top 100 private companies by AlwaysOn. Inc. magazine honored the company as the 5th fastest job creator in the U.S. software industry. XANT leading research has been published in the Harvard Business Review and Forbes. The company has been issued 5 U.S. patents and has 11 patents pending. XANT enterprise customers include ADP, Dell, Gannett Local, Inc., Sprint, Marketo, Re/Max Cornerstone, Microsoft, Groupon and more. To try the technology, visit XANT.

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