Introducing PeopleFinder: The New Buyer Intelligence Feature by XANT that Enhances Sales Prospecting Efforts

Introducing PeopleFinder: A New Buyer Intelligence Feature

Introducing PeopleFinder: A New Buyer Intelligence Feature

A new buyer intelligence feature called PeopleFinder has been announced. PeopleFinder is designed to recommend additional contacts in the buying group, providing valuable insights for sales teams.

With PeopleFinder, sales professionals can access a wealth of information about key decision-makers and influencers within an organization. By identifying and suggesting contacts that are likely to be involved in the purchasing process, PeopleFinder helps sales teams expand their network and build stronger relationships with potential buyers.

Utilizing advanced data analysis and machine learning algorithms, PeopleFinder is able to accurately match prospects with the most relevant contacts in their organization. This enables sales representatives to quickly locate and connect with the right people, increasing their chances of closing deals.

PeopleFinder goes beyond basic contact information by providing comprehensive profiles that include job titles, responsibilities, and background details. By understanding the roles and responsibilities of each contact, sales professionals can tailor their pitches and engage with potential buyers in a personalized and targeted manner.

By leveraging PeopleFinder, sales teams can enhance their understanding of the buying group and the overall decision-making process. This enables sales representatives to be more effective in their interactions and presentations, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

PeopleFinder is an important addition to any sales toolkit, empowering sales professionals with valuable insights and recommendations. By utilizing this new buyer intelligence feature, sales teams can improve their prospecting efforts, identify new opportunities, and close deals faster.

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  • Jordan Van Maanen
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