Payroll services for your business

Your life as a business owner can ask for a lot of your time. If you don’t have the proper tools in place, tasks related to payroll, taxes, and HR can take away the vital hours you need to spend on operations and growing your business. This is wherepayroll software comes in to help you. Outsourcing the work or hiring an administrative assistant won’t always prove to be the most effective way to take the work off your plate. An outside company doesn’t know your business as well as you do. An administrative assistant will be an added cost to the company.

Deploying easy payroll software can help you get the challenging payroll tax calculations including benefits and gross vs net completed in minutes. The payroll software for small businesses described below are designed to grow with you as the business evolves. Right now you’re local, but once you expand outside of the state or country, finances can become more complicated.


ADP offers payroll software and HR solutions to simplify your operations. They have over 700,000 clients all over the world lending them the unique expertise to effectively work with companies of all sizes.

ADP is designed to grow with you as your company evolves. There are three tiers of software you can use are 1-49 employees, 50-999, and 1,000+. Each tier offers the level of support that you need to run your operations smoothly and cost-effectively. Their entire suite of services is offered a la carte. If you only need help with one aspect of your business right now, you have the option to only purchase that one service. Add on and remove services as your business changes.

ADP also offers retirement and insurance benefits. These two offerings can be the key to great retention and recruitment. Our team of experts can help you select or design a plan that fits your budget and the needs of your employees.


Gusto supports your team by automating all of the time-consuming administrative tasks that typically take hours. The hours that you so badly need to work on your business to achieve its growth goals. You can’t do everything, but who really can?

Gusto puts your business in-sync. Their software can handle anything from payroll to benefits to time tracking and hiring. You can complete these essential duties with only a few clicks from a desktop or your smartphone. Additionally, other financial-related tasks such as taxes, deductions, and 401k are also handled through Gusto’s software. Answering a lot of questions? Gusto has an employee login so they can review their paychecks without taking time away from management.

Setting yourself and your employees up for success starts on day one. Whether you hire people salaried or as independent contractors, these vital members of your team will still need their lunches, breaks, benefits, and time off tracked in order to keep your business compliant.


Heartland Payment Systems strives to be here for you as more than a payroll service. They offer a suite of services that expands to meet your needs as your business grows and evolves. Whether your business is new or well-established, security is the top priority. Bank data, benefit information, insurance documents, and company information is protected in the cloud. This takes away the need for bulky cabinets and minimizes the risk of unauthorized access to employee files.

Heartland makes it easy to manage your employees virtually. Create schedules and review time reports from anywhere. Through the payroll software, you can avoid time-consuming tax and benefits calculations. Everything is built into the system and is done in only a few clicks.

Need HR help? Heartland offers unlimited one-to-one assistance with SHRM-Certified HR professionals. When it comes to issues with employees, labor laws, and adjustments to the handbook, and even termination, they’re there to help.


OnPay is a full-service payroll software designed to help small to mid-sized businesses and accounting firms cut down on administrative time so they can focus on growing their organizations. OnPay’s payroll software syncs with Quickbooks, Xero, and other top finance tools to keep the business organized. They also integrate seamlessly with the existing system to help find the best insurance and benefits providers for your budget across 50 states.

They take a personalized approach and make sure that the services they put into place for their clients are efficient and effective according to their needs. In addition to top-notch customer service, OnPay’s employee self-service portal allows them to pull paystubs, fill out paperwork, and complete training tasks from any location.


SurePayroll has over 20 years of experience in small business payroll. They are there to help manage the financial and administrative side of running your business. With these items off your plate, you can get back to what needs to be done to grow your organization.

SurePayroll’s solutions are easy to use and integrate into your existing systems. In fact, they’re designed to be set up and running in minutes. It’s available on desktop and mobile so you can run the company’s payroll on the go if you cannot get to the office. Set up the auto payroll option so that it runs for you in the background and make adjustments when needed. The full-service solution has options for accounting, HR support, benefits, insurance, compliance, and time clock integration.


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