Credit Card Processing


CardConnect allows you to safely and securely accept online and in-person payments. This setup is ideal for merchants that want to offer their brick and mortar store products to a wider market via e-commerce. When you sign up for CardConnect, you’ll enjoy award-winning credit card payment integration for software, SMBs, enterprise businesses, and more. CardConnect will make it a top priority to give unmatched 24/7 support and resources to businesses so they can keep growing and flourishing. 

Their Independent Software Vendor (ISV) program will allow you to create scalable solutions with your payment acceptance that works with your existing software. Every transaction will be processed seamlessly with top-notch security for both you and the customer. 

CoPilot and CardPointe help you manage all of your transactions. CoPilot allows you to more efficiently track everything in your portfolio including merchant application processing, risk monitoring, and support tickets. CardPointe allows you to securely integrate, accept, and manage payments with software and hardware. 

Electronic Payments

Electronic Payment’s solutions are designed to meet your needs whether you’re small and starting out or a large-sized business. In our current ecosystem, it’s key to have a reliable and affordable POS system. If you have not purchased equipment yet, the team can help design a solution that works for you. 

Exactouch is one option from Electronic Payments. It’s a complete POS system with affordable hardware and software. When you need merchant support, they are there to help you. It is perfect for restaurants, retail locations, salons, convenience stores, and more. Exactouch works seamlessly with ApplePay, GooglePay, and NFC to ensure that your clients can pay the way they want to.

Need to take payments on the go? Take advantage of the mobile card reader that works with your smartphone. Take your products to events, vendor fairs, and demos because payments can run just as securely as if you were on location. 


Heartland makes it as simple as possible to accept all the ways that your customers want to pay and where. Whether they’re at a counter, table, kiosk, food truck, or online, there is a suite of solutions available to you. This includes mobile card readers, laptops, terminals, and online portals. There is even the option to set up recurring payments on a schedule. They make it easier to accept EMV Chip Cards, Digital Wallets, ACH, and Gift Cards. They’re working to remove the distance between you and your customers. 

Heartland works to ensure there is seamless compatibility for your mobile store. It works with most e-commerce platforms to ensure people can browse and purchase in minutes. There are agents available 24/7, 365 to ensure your integrations are secure and working perfectly. 

Heartland has solutions designed especially for home and professional service businesses. It’ll help ensure that business owners are productive, not busy. Customize your payment portal so that your clients can manage their own subscriptions, select services, and pay on their own.  

World Pay

It should be easy to allow your customers to pay in a way that is most convenient for them. WorldPay has a suite of solutions that works with established credit cards and contactless payments. They’re global experts and are on the pulse of the most popular payment methods. You won’t wait days for deposits or new technology, you’ll wait hours. 

Security is of utmost importance to them. WorldPay has a team of experts to help you with anything you might need. Their unique systems and terminals have complete protection in data security, fraud protection, PCI compliance, and data breaches. You can focus on selling, not worrying. 

WorldPay is designed with scalable solutions. You can benefit from a wide range of features whether your business is small and starting out or you’re a large enterprise. Everyone will be able to offer a better customer experience, unmatched security, the best in support. 

Payment Processing

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