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Why Delivery Workers Deserve More Credit

Why Delivery Workers Deserve More Credit

The way consumers shop today is far different than the way they shopped 20 years ago. They not only have the ability to shop whenever and wherever with the rise of mobile technology, but they can also have just about anything they want delivered right to their door -- all with the touch of a button.

Some might call it being lazy, while others call it being smart. Either way, delivery services have sprung up in just about every industry. You can have food delivered to your home, furniture, flowers, groceries, mail, and anything you can find at the department store.

Of course, none of this is possible without delivery drivers. They’re the real MVPs here and deserve all the credit for making this possible. They bring convenience to another level and do it with a smile on their face.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the five major reasons you should show more appreciation and gratitude towards the delivery workers you encounter everyday. 

1.   They Satisfy Those Cravings You Have Throughout the Day

Do you remember 20 years ago when you would ask your family, “Do you guys want to order delivery tonight for dinner?” Everyone got excited, but they were met with the same two options -- pizza or Chinese food.

It’s not that those are bad options, but they definitely get boring after a while. Eventually, you and your family want to order something new and exciting for delivery. That’s where delivery workers come in.

Whether you want sushi, steak, donuts, ice cream, or a giant sub, you can easily order it online and delivered straight to your door in real-time -- all thanks to your delivery driver. 

2.   It’s Always Good to Interact With New People

When you get something delivered to your home, whether it be clothes or food, you’re bound to get a different delivery driver every time. This is great for the person that loves interacting with new people everyday.

Delivery drivers are supposed to be courteous and they often go through the same interview or hiring process as any other employee. That means you can rest easy knowing your driver will appreciate the, “How’s your day going so far?” when they arrive at your home.

Don’t be scared to spark a conversation. They have a job to get back to, but everyone likes a little distraction every now and then. 

3.   They’re Not Always Met With a Friendly Face

While a majority of delivery drivers are courteous and contribute to a positive experience when having something delivered to your home, they aren’t always met with that same positivity from the homeowner. It’s equivalent to the rude customer that shows up at a retail store.

If you don’t want to add to your delivery worker’s already-stressful day, show them your appreciation when they arrive at your door. They don’t get it often and it makes them feel special. Remember, a simple “Thank you, have a nice day!” goes a long way. 

4.   They Make It Easy to Work From Home

With so many businesses closing temporarily, others closing for good, and even more employees forced to either work from home or not work at all, it seems like everyone’s life has suddenly been compromised. We’re all being asked to do different things and act in ways we haven’t before.

Of course, this has made it difficult to do things that were so simple before. Buying groceries, going to the store for new shoes, going to your favorite Italian restaurant with the family. Instead of allowing this to completely change how you live your life and work, delivery drivers make it easy.

You can spend as much time at home as possible without having to leave it to run errands. 

5.   They Limit Your Risk of Getting Sick

One of the biggest threats we face when going out in public today is sickness. If it’s not the flu or a cold, then it’s something more serious like COVID-19 that we can catch. Face masks and social distancing help, but not everyone follows the guidelines and it puts others at risk.

If you don’t want to risk getting sick in today’s chaotic world, delivery drivers take the risk for you -- that way you can have the food you want, the clothes you want, and anything else you or your family needs during these difficult times.

As the world continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, delivery workers will only become more necessary and essential to the working economy. They’re met with a lot of pressure when doing their jobs, which is why we need to show them a little appreciation when we interact with them.