"Bagels on Greene: Expanding Products and Storefront to Satisfy Every Craving"


Bagels on Greene Expands Product Line and Storefront

Bagels on Greene, a popular bakery and cafe in downtown New York, has announced an exciting expansion of their product line and storefront. The family-owned business has been serving freshly baked bagels and pastries for over 25 years, and this expansion is a testament to their growing success and commitment to their customers.

Expanding the Menu

With the expansion, Bagels on Greene will now offer an even wider variety of bagels and pastries to their loyal customers. From the classic sesame and poppy seed bagels to unique flavors like cranberry orange and everything bagel, there is something for everyone's taste buds. They will also introduce a new line of vegan and gluten-free options to cater to a broader customer base.

In addition to bagels, Bagels on Greene will also expand their pastry selection. Customers can look forward to delectable croissants, muffins, scones, and more. The bakery takes pride in using high-quality ingredients and traditional baking methods to ensure the utmost freshness and flavor in every bite.

Storefront Expansion

Alongside the product line expansion, Bagels on Greene is also expanding their storefront to accommodate more customers and create a comfortable atmosphere. The newly renovated space will feature additional seating areas, allowing customers to sit and enjoy their bagels and pastries in a cozy setting.

The renovated storefront will also include a dedicated coffee bar, serving a variety of hot and cold beverages to complement the bakery's offerings. Customers can now pair their favorite bagel or pastry with the perfect cup of coffee or tea.

Community Engagement

Bagels on Greene has always been an active member of the community and plans to continue their engagement even more with this expansion. They frequently host charity events, collaborate with local artists, and support various community initiatives. The bakery's dedication to giving back to the community has made them a beloved fixture in downtown New York.


The expansion of Bagels on Greene's product line and storefront is an exciting development for both the business and its loyal customers. With an expanded menu of delightful bagels and pastries, a renovated and comfortable storefront, and continued community engagement, Bagels on Greene is poised to create an even better experience for their customers for years to come. Visit them today and indulge in their delicious offerings!

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  • Jordan Van Maanen