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Does Your Online Store Look Trustworthy?

Does Your Online Store Look Trustworthy? 0

When it comes to converting leads and turning casual online visitors to regular customers, trust is important. Regardless of the quality of the products splashed on your online, or the mouth-watering discounts on each item, a question lingers at the mind of a first-time visitor:

Is this online store trustworthy?

Often, this determines whether you’re going ace that product sale or miss out the opportunity to lock down a regular customer. Big B2C brands are well aware of this crucial factor and are styling their e-commerce pages to reflect it.

If you’re all set to open an online store, you need to be incorporate this factor at your launch to boost your bottom line. Thankfully, this article discusses some of the most important tips to make your e-commerce website a trustworthy online store to the average curious online shopper.

Tips For Opening An Online Store

Setting up an online store is easy-peasy. Almost all businesses now have an online presence. But how do you launch an online store that stands out from a sea of rival businesses? How do you create a trustworthy online page that will grab the attention of your potential customers?

A Killer Web Design

This is the first thing a prospective customer sees when they click on your URL link to land on your page. Usually, this alone influences this person's decision to proceed further to look up the services or products you’re offering or not. If your web design lacks vibrancy in terms of the visual appeal, your business will continue to be impacted negatively from zero online sales.

To create an online store that will grab the attention of a customer, you need to hire the services of an excellent web designer to transform the appearance of your online store.

Tell Your Story Your Own Way

Another way you can make your online store trustworthy is to inform your customers what birthed the idea behind your business. And the best place to do that is in your “About Us” page.

Visitors who happen to click on that section of your store are already interested in patronizing your business. But they need a little convincing from your end.

Your “About Us” page should reflect your personality and why your services or products are worth patronizing. The page should include the following:

  • Contact address
  • Official email
  • Social media channels.

You need to keep it simple and short. The attention span of visitors is short. Thus, packing the page with too much information will make them disinterested in your store.

Offer Popular Payment Options

Your online business cannot take flight without the options for online payment. For visitors to trust your online store, it is important to offer payment options that they know and trust.

It creates an impression that your business is legit and this will indirectly cajole them to proceed further. This page is a perfect example.

Have Great Customer Support

It is important that your potential and regular customers know that they have support on your end regarding a concern. One way to pull that off is to include a 24/7 support feature on your online store.

Make Your Online Store Mobile-Friendly

Everyone’s got a smartphone that we use for virtually everything—including shopping online. It even accounts for 30% of all online purchases last year. Thus, it is important that your website is also mobile-friendly to ensure that purchases can be made.

Thus, it is important to hire the services of an experienced web designer to incorporate this feature.

Post Customer Reviews

One thing most visitors look out for when going through a product is what others are saying about it. Hence, it is important to publish positive reviews about your product or service in your online store.

You can also share these testimonials on your social media platforms to inform customers and potential customers, that indeed, your products are great.

How To Manage Business Costs Effectively

How To Manage Business Costs Effectively 0

Admit it; Coronavirus did a number on us all. While governments the world over imposed stringent control measures in place to curb the spread of the pandemic, businesses (SMEs, startups, and even major heavyweights) took a hit.

Businesses, before the pandemic, operated smoothly and freely with resources (both capital and human) at their disposal. Virtually everything from board meetings, marketing strategies, customer service, to payroll and even onboarding was heavily dependent on the corporate office setup where things were done manually.    

But with everything 2020 has thrown on us all, brands have begun to see the need to take advantage of impressive digital tools to run business costs, increase productivity, boost brand presence, and improve the experience of employees working remotely.

Ways you can manage business costs efficiently

If you’re a business executive, how do you manage and run your businesses effectively? How do you ensure your tax-deductible business expenses are inputted accurately? We’ll be looking at the following areas:

Time and Attendance Tracking

Attendance of workers and comprehensive tracking of their work schedules have contributed to the overall success of businesses and improving their bottom-line savings. However, due to the global pandemic, a lot of companies and businesses have resorted to having a higher percentage of their workforce working from their homes.

Your business should take advantage of time and attendance tracking software to garner the working hours of your employees, whether they are making use of their mobile phones or PCs.

This software creates the avenue for your employees to tender the daily hours worked remotely to foster accuracy. Another advantage to this is that as their working hours are being tracked, you will be able to know which particular employee is working overtime and make arrangements for their overtime pay.

Also, these digital tools allow workers to see their time and work schedules for the week in advance, so they can prep themselves for their various tasks.


Every employee deserves to be paid handsomely for their service to your business. It is a crucial aspect to boost business productivity and growth. The amount of time spent manually compiling each worker’s tax information, overtime, basic salary, and other allowances may affect other crucial aspects of your business.

Taking advantage of an online payroll service will save you from the long process of computing fees and making costly financial mistakes.

Employee onboarding

For an employee to be quite successful in their job responsibilities, their background, and relevant experience has a major role to play. This, you can find out during the onboarding process, as you’d collect vital information from them and inform them about the vision of your business.

Taking advantage of onboarding software, you’d be able to verify that they’ve submitted their ID documentation, state withholding forms, deposit information, I-9, and W-4 forms, and other vital information.

Benefits administration

With the aid of human capital management, managing benefits has become easier. However, more time is spent procuring benefits manually.

With an online human capital management software available, you will be able to securely gain access to forms, make changes, and update them in real-time.

Case management

For a business to thrive, it is crucial for it to have a platform that tends to the concerns of workers. With most of your workforce now working remotely, it is important to have a digital case management platform that will accommodate their various concerns.

This online platform also presents the opportunity for your employees to field their progress reports and allow management to review and track the efficacy of business decisions and compliance.

Consultant-In-A-Box is an all-inclusive software that provides impressive solutions to your brand’s concerns. Take advantage of our unique platform by contacting us today. You’d be glad you did.